Annual RMM Recognition Program

RMM Recognition Program


Qualifications, Evaluation and Considerations

In 2015, the annual RMM Recognition Program was launched to highlight leaders and establish industry standards, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the discipline of enterprise risk management. The RMM Recognition Program acknowledges organizations who achieve a sustainable and repeatable enterprise risk management process, as defined by the Risk Maturity Model (RMM). There are three main qualifications for organizations who wish to be recognized:

  1. The organization receives a Maturity Level of 3 or above on their RMM assessment
  2. The organization’s RMM assessment was taken within the designated time period (typically within the present year)
  3. The organization successfully completes a brief review process with an RMM coordinator

RMM Recognition Page

As a self-assessment, the final stage in receiving recognition involves a brief review process with a RMM coordinator. Below includes sample questions and topics addressed during the review process:

  • Are risk assessments planned and completed at least annually or are they reactive, on an ad-hoc basis?
  • Is there Executive or Board level support for enterprise risk management?
  • Are enterprise risk management responsibilities delegated and clearly communicated?
  • Do departmental managers or process owners account for risk in their functional area?

For additional information click here to download the RMM Program Overview. To learn more regarding the qualifications and review process, click here to download the RMM Program Criteria. NOTE: there is no financial obligation to participate or receive recognition.



With expectations for enterprise risk management spanning from the financial services industry, through energy, retail and beydond, organizations continually strive to abide by evolving best practices. Organizations receiving RMM Recognition have access to a network of other successful peers, and best-practice knowledge driven by risk management standards such as the RMM. Benefits for recipients include but are not limited to the following:RMM Recognition Benefits

  • RMM community involvement
  • Advanced risk maturity reporting
  • Networking with other distinguished risk management professionals
  • Access to ERM knowledge base, community & expert portal


Recognition at the Annual RIMS ERM Conference

Organizations that accept and receive the RMM Recognition will be acknowledged at the annual RIMS ERM Conference, which in 2015, will take place in Chicago from October 26-27th. Attendance to the conference is not required or expected in order to receive this recognition, and those who do not attend will still be acknowledged and awarded their recognition certificate via mail.

2016 Recognition Recipients

The 2016 recipients were announced on October 25th at the RIMS ERM Conference in Atlanta.


2015 Recognition Recipients

The 2015 recipients were announced on October 27th at the RIMS ERM Conference in Chicago.

RMM Recipients 2015